Hello! My name is Ryuu. I am someone who’s just trying to continue living the dream of being a self-employed, freelance artist. Exploring and indulging in the world of Photography is something I am extremely passionate about.

I am…

    • A Published Photographer
    • A Published Model
    • A Photoshop Wizard
    • An International Cosplayer
    • A Twitch Affiliate
    • A Product Reviewer / Advertiser
    • A Car Enthusiast / Brand Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Where are you located?

I’m located in Massachusetts, and typically shoot within in the Middlesex County. I have an at-home studio, but prefer to shoot outdoors whenever possible.

🌟 Will you travel to me?

Yes, Absolutely!
I will drive to meet someone at no cost for up for 30 minutes, one direction. If the drive is longer than that, a traveling fee for fuel costs may apply.

🌟 Do you have hair, make-up and outfit accommodations?

I do not personally offer any HMUA services, however if you need the assistance, we could easily hire a HMUA for your shoot. I do not have a client wardrobe, but if you wear a size small and need some inspiration for something different than your norm, I may offer to let you borrow something from my personal wardrobe.
🌟 Do I need to be experienced as a model to receive amazing photos? / Will you help me pose?

Your experience level does not matter. As someone who’s spent the last decade modeling, I’m very comfortable teaching you how to pose, just let me know if you decide you’d like some guidance / suggestions!

🌟 Are you inclusive ?
Have no fear and be proud of who you are! It is my job to capture your best side, no matter your age, body type, race, gender or sexual orientation. I pride myself on having a diverse portfolio and showing that all bodies are beautiful.
🌟 What type of photo sessions do you prefer?
Portraits, Boudoir, Cosplay, Modeling Sessions for Beginners and Fashion are my strong suits.

🌟 Is there any kind of event or theme that you wouldn’t photograph?
Where as I’m open minded to almost anything, I will not take photos of any kind that include bodily fluids or hardcore kinks.

🌟 Will you help me become a published model?
If requested, I can submit your photos to publishers and give you a good chance of being published in magazines.

🌟 What form of payments do you accept?
PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Cash